If you are someone with light, sparse, or shorter eyelashes, you’ll know all about the struggles of using eyelash curlers, trying to find the right mascara, or going through the ordeal of putting on falsies. You might have even tried getting eyelash extensions, a process that comes with its own set of problems and can be quite expensive, too.

What if we told you that you don’t need to go through any of that to get perfectly curled, defined, and stand-out lashes? A lash lift might be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Read ahead to learn more about what a lash lift is, the different kinds of lash lift you can get, what to expect from the procedure, and how to take care of your lifted lashes.

What Is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is like a semi-permanent perm for your eyelashes. It uses an all-natural formula applied to the lashes to boost the root, making your eyelashes appear longer, curled, and lifted. The formula is then removed from the lashes so that no chemicals or substances remain on your eyelashes.

People often prefer to pair a lash lift with a lash tint, which is like a semi-permanent hair dye for your lashes. This makes the lashes darker, along with appearing longer and more lifted. With this pairing, you can cut mascara out of your makeup routine entirely.

The lift is not permanent and typically will last anywhere between four to six weeks. The effects can start to fade over time, after which you can get a lash lift procedure done again. How long your lift lasts will depend on how well you care for your lashes following the procedure, the kind of lash lift you get, and how fast your lashes grow.

The Different Kinds of Lash Lifts You Can Get

Not all lash lifts are the same. The formula used in a lash lift can vary, as can the exact procedure. These things will affect the longevity of your lash lift. The most common kinds of lash lifts you can get include:

A keratin lash lift: Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in the nails and hair. It builds nail and hair strength and keeps them smooth and healthy. A keratin lash lift uses keratin in the formula in order to lift and simultaneously nourish and strengthen the lashes.

An LVL lash lift: An LVL lash lift – or a Length, Volume, Lift procedure uses a lifting balm, a volumizing solution, and a lash tint to achieve the desired effect. This procedure does not involve the use of extra keratin.

An at-home kit or procedure: Many companies have introduced at-home kits that allow you to lift your lashes yourself. While these kits come equipped with all the tools needed, it is recommended that you do not try to do a lash lift by yourself in case you damage your lashes or get the solution in your eyes.  

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

If you do finally decide that you want to get a lash lift, hurry up and book your appointment! Before you head in for it, though, you need to be prepared.

Arrive for your appointment with a completely bare face. This means no makeup, especially not on your eyes. It would be great if you also avoid using waterproof mascara in the 48 hours leading up to the appointment and avoid curling your lashes for 24 hours leading up to it. This is important in ensuring that there is no mascara residue remaining on your lashes and that they are not brittle or weak. If you are a regular contact lens wearer, be sure to remove your contacts before the procedure.

How the Actual Procedure Is Carried Out

Every procedure starts with a quick consult. The lash technician will first ask you what your desired results are in terms of how lifted, long, or tinted you want your lashes to look. They will choose their tools according to your eye shape and your natural lashes, and then they can begin the procedure.

Once you’re sitting back, your lash technician will likely carry out a patch test. This is where they apply some of their lash lift formula onto a small patch of your skin to rule out any negative reactions or allergies.

Then, it’s time to clean your lashes and stick a silicone curling rod onto your eyelid at the base of your lashes. Next, your lashes will be curled onto the rod, combed into place, and set with the lifting solution. Once you’re done, your technician will clean the solution off and wipe and brush your lashes.

The whole procedure can take from thirty minutes to an hour to complete and is usually always done in one sitting.

Aftercare and Side Effects

A lash lift is usually a safe procedure with very few side effects if done by a trained professional. If the perming solution gets into contact with the eyes, you can expect light redness and irritation.

As for aftercare, it is very important that you follow the rules so that your lash lift lasts for a long time. In the 48 hours following the procedure, it is very important that you don’t apply any eye makeup and avoid cleansing or washing near the eyes. Post the 48-hour, avoid using waterproof mascara, mineral oils, and other makeup products on or near the eyes, and stay away from the dreaded eyelash curlers. You should also keep a check on how often you unconsciously rub your eyes.

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